Saturday, May 25, 2013

Evolution of a Playroom

When we looked at houses, there were several things were looking for.  Mr. Medic had his list of priorities.  I had mine.  Fortunately, we are very much a team and many, if not all, of our priorities were the same, simply not in the exact same position on the list.

Amongst my top priorities were a kitchen that I could do some serious cooking and food storage in, all the bedrooms on the same level of the house, a yard large enough for The Puppy to get some exercise, and...

A PLAYROOM.  A learning room, a school room, a playroom, a classroom - whatever we may call it, simply a room that I could design for our children specifically with their cognitive growth and development in mind.

I got it too.  I wasn't interested in budging on those four priorities, so there's no surprise I got it.  Here's a short evolution of the playroom up until its most recent transformation (Apologies in advance for the poor camera shots, I had to grab through what I could find for these photos.):

We are using our formal dining room downstairs as our playroom.  I like the idea of children playing downstairs, since I inherently spend so much time in the kitchen and moms like to hang out in the living room during play-dates.  We I initially put all toy related furniture in the playroom and tried to divide it into centers, like a classroom.  But... this isn't a classroom sized for twenty children, it's a playroom designed for 3-4.  Ultimately, I realized we needed more floor space and that I wanted furniture that didn't scream "daycare center!" as soon as you walked in my front door. 
In came our black shelves from our old living room, and some new baskets.  (Lucky me, the Ikea Trofast units fit perfectly in Monkey's closet, so they are still in use for additional toys deemed too tiny for the playroom.)  It remained this way for awhile.  The extra floor space created by bumping everything against the walls worked for playing.  The table being under the word wall worked for writing.  The tall shelves with a short four year old did not work.  The toys always in the way of the windows did not work.  Our calendar was low where Monkey could reach, but so could her youngest friends who liked to pull out all the cards.  I'm not sure if that was a worked or did not work... 
Recently, Mr. Medic (aka "my Daddy is a sucker" around here) purchased a new road rug and naturally, I took the opportunity to switch things up again.  This time, Monkey had a say in it, and her only request was that I turn the shelves on their sides so she could reach.  And so, now, a playroom we all like, even Grandma:
(Yes, I vacuumed around her toys this time.  I was feeling nice!)

The room still requires a bit of decorating (walls and windows), but functionally it's working.  Toys seem to stay in the playroom a little more than before too.  A little.  Maybe it's the shelves and rug creating a play zone in the back.  Maybe it's just my imagination and they are really still overtaking the house...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We're home!

We're home. Not just physically present, but truly home.

About 98% of our possessions have made their way into our new house and about 85% of them have made their way into a specific spot within our organized chaos. We have survived Christmas and moving in at the same time. We have already passed around two separate sets of sickies in our new home (nothing says "home" like soup, thermometers, and days in bed, don't you think?). Thanks to our new neighbors, who moved in only a week before us, we have an extra twin size bed and toddler bed in preparation for a growing family. And now, we even have paint on the walls!

It is highly unlikely that I will follow through on any promises to keep up this blog on a daily or even weekly basis, but, until next time, a few photos just before the house was being finished and we were getting our ducks in a row for closing. Hopefully I'll remember to take you on the journey of decorating and organizing from this point forward.  I may even find some pictures to help catch you up to speed!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

New home update

Our new home is coming along, and starting to look like a house! We are incredibly excited to watch it take shape, but I think Monkey has been most excited about the recent developments. Unlike when it was a big slab, she can now walk around in her new home and we can tell her about each room. She'll happily take you up the stairs into her new bedroom, and loves to shortcut through the walls, since the sheetrock isn't up yet.
We never expected such a large home, but alas, here it comes. We always had an ideal of our dream home, as I'm sure most couples do. This house is not that ideal- considering that ideal involves several acres just for starters, we knew if we waited for the opportunity, we could be saving up and waiting indefinitely. Instead, we were willing to compromise and went searching for the closest home we can afford. We are excited to have found it, and are at peace with the few things we are giving up in order to have many more that we dreamed of and hardly expected to have (I mean, can you complain with a porch like that?!?)
I can't wait to organize, decorate, and otherwise settle into the home we plan on keeping... well, until retirement and we travel the world, right? ;) Hopefully, I'll be better about taking you on that journey than I've been thus far!